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Almas Robotics M First

What we do

Almas Robotics uses technology to design and build solutions that address industry challenges. We also offer 3D and computer numerical control (CNC) services which use the latest technologies and push the boundaries of manufacturing, creating new possibilities. What differentiates us from the competition is the sophistication, passion and seamless technology which we put into our products, solutions and services.

Founder of Almas Robotics Fahim Almas


The Almas Robotics is run by a team of highly experienced engineers who enjoy creating new solutions and reimagining the future. We believe that anyone can learn about robotics if they are given the right tools to do so. The company was founded by Fahim Almas, a Mechatronic and Aviation engineer who enjoys using engineering to design new solutions and products. Fahim has a strong passion for sharing his innovations with others and teaching students about the ins and outs of robotics. He is a member of Hamdan Innovation Incubator and is currently working on expanding his business and range of products with the aim of developing innovative solutions that address modern challenges.