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An emergency response device which sends a GPS location to specified numbers provided in the program code

This device provides a viable and practical solution to a serious problem that exists today. There have been a number of cases where life-threatening accidents occur in industrial areas. Often the case, delays in emergency response can result following a call for help. The minutes following an accident or incident are crucial and employees often don’t respond to the emergency immediately, thus adding to the delay time.

The objective is to significantly reduce the amount of emergency response time using smart technologies that are built into the device. The box and button are placed at industrial areas where workers are stationed. When the button is pushed, ambulances and police are notified within seconds about the emergency, while the GPS location of the caller is shared via SMS.

In the event of an accident or incident, employees on site can press the panic button which automatically sends out a signal to emergency services, local authorities and company management.

InstaHelp Almas Robotics 3D printing Dubai UAE prototyping