Schools And Educational Support

The M Robot Series offers ideal educational tools that can be used by schools familiarize children with the basics of robotics. The robots are extremely easy to use and enable students to benefit from a hands-on learning experience which teaches them all about the functions of various robot parts, in addition to how to operate, code, automate, and design their own robots. The M robot kits are safe and suitable for a classroom or workshop environment and can be assembled within 15 minutes or less.

The M Robots Series comes in different packages

Package 1 Demonstration


A two-hour demonstration   session of the M Robot Series for 5 instructors includes:

1- Design for M robots 

2- Printing process

3- Electronic Parts

4- Coding

5- Assembly of robots

6- Demonstration of robot   assembly and operation

Package 2 Per Unit:


M Robot kits includes:

1- All of the robot   parts

2- All of the   electronic parts

3- Automation   program code

4- Programmable   board (UNO)

5- UNO board shield 

Package 3 Yearly subscription for files


Customers have the   option to subscribe to receive access to STL drawing and code files on an   annual basis, enabling them to produce selected M robots for educational   purposes. The subscription includes:

1- Robot structure   STL File 

2- Robot Program   Code

3- Advisory and   guidance on using the files

4- Five files   modification according to request

5- Parts purchasing   support

Package 4 Establishing Makers Space in schools


Customers can rent 3D   printers that can produce M series robots by subscribing for this one-year   service which includes the following:

1- Assembly of 3D Printer

2- One-year 3D printer   rental (quantity of 4 printers)

2- One-year maintenance   service and repair service of 4 printers

3- Ten 3D printing   filaments.

4- Robot structure STL Files

5- Robot program code

6- Robot electronics parts for 20 robots