Safe BUS

 Is a smart device using sensors to track passenger movement on school buses. It aims to improve safety standards and ensure that no child left on board.

  This device provides a viable and practical solution to a serious problem that exists today. There have been a number of cases of children being forgotten on school buses or vans, which often have resulted in death or injury. This problem occurs when a bus driver shuts off the engine and locks the vehicle upon exiting, unintentionally forgetting the remaining passenger(s) on board. If left for a long period of time, the passenger can experience suffocation due to the loss of oxygen and exposure to high temperatures. 

The device is connected to multiple sensors installed on the bus door that monitor passenger movement and record the number of passengers entering and exiting the vehicle. The Safe Bus device is automatically activated as soon as the bus engine is switched on and provides a reading within one second

Once a bus driver attempts to turn off the engine, the device will complete a check to determine if the number of exiting passengers matches the number of those who entered originally. If the number of exiting passengers is higher than zero, the device will instantly sound an alarm and send an SMS notification to the driver and transportation company.

Safe Bus by Almas Robotics
Safe Bus by Almas Robotics